A Pipe Stress Analysis
Engineering Company

We have more than 18 years of experience associated with Pipe Stress Analysis (PSA) services and would like to be considered on your next project! The majority of our work is associated with static analysis, but we also have training and expertise to provide dynamic analysis (i.e, fatigue analysis, harmonic analysis, sludge flow, etc.)

Service Details

  • Pipe Stress Analysis (PSA) using Caesar II (Hexagon) software
    • Static Analysis – SUS, ALT-SUS and EXP stresses, OCC (seismic and wind) stresses
    • Dynamic Analysis – Fatigue, harmonic disturbance, vibration
    • Analysis of vibration issues
  • Finite Element Analysis using FE Pipe (PRG) to back up the PSA calculations
  • ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.5 and Can-Z662 Code Compliance Verification (as well as other B31 Codes)
  • Equipment nozzle loads verification (Pumps, Pressure Vessels, Turbines, etc.)
  • Selection of spring hangers, expansion joints (if required), support trunnions, etc.



Santamaria Engineering offers the necessary expertise, excellent communication skills, and project management proficiency backed up by more than 29 years of engineering experience. Our company has worked on many interesting projects since we established Santamaria Engineering in May of 2006, and we look forward to many more challenging projects in the future. It would be an honor and a privilege if you had a part in this.

High Standard of Care

Santamaria Engineering is confident that we can provide you with quality engineering services at a competitive price. We are committed to our values (integrity, honesty, respect, budget consciousness, value, satisfaction) on every project. We will provide a high standard of care and will bring an energetic, enthusiastic attitude to the table to achieve the optimum design, complemented by a cooperative, attentive, pleasant tone in our verbal and written communication.