Pipe Stress Analysis

Fernando Santamaria (Owner) started his career in consulting engineering firms in 1991 and began carrying out pipe stress analysis (PSA) using Caesar II (Intergraph) software in 2001. Fernando attended the original 5 day training seminar provided by CodeCAD in Calgary, Alberta in May of 2001.  In March of 2012 he attended a refresher two day “Dynamics” course through CodeCAD in Toronto, Ontario.  Fernando has both managed and carried out pipe stress analysis and pipe designs on a large number of projects since 2001.

Service Information

Tasks we can perform

  • B31 and Z662 Code stress checks (SUS, EXP, OCC stresses)
  • Displacements, forces & moments on piping, restraints and boundary conditions
  • WRC 107/297 calculations (if critical loading, FEA is recommended)
  • SIF’s at Intersections and Bends (FE Pipe recommended in certain applications)
  • Flexibility at intersections (tees, trunnions, nozzles) – (FEA recommended)
  • Trunnion supports at pipes and elbows (Kellogg calculation or FEA)
  • Spring hanger selection
  • Expansion joint selection (if pipe expansion loop is not possible or not reasonable) and ratings check
  • Flange stress checks using the equivalent pressure method (very conservative for lower class flanges)
  • wind, seismic, pressure relief discharge, water hammer (static analysis)
  • natural frequencies, harmonic effects, relief discharge, slug flow, water hammer (dynamic analysis)
  • buried piping

Nozzle Load Compliance Checks Using the Following Standards

  • NEMA SM-23 (Steam Turbines)
  • API-610 (Centrifugal Pumps)
  • API 616 (Gas Turbines)
  • API-661 (Air Cooled Heat Exchangers)
  • API-560 (Fired Heaters)
  • HEI Standard (Heat Exchanger Institute)
  • Nozzle loads based on manufacturer recommended allowables

Pipe Stress Analysis Methodology

If we verify that the stresses or nozzle loads do not pass, then we recommend the options available for the system to pass.  We issue a report for every project which summarizes the analysis in an easy to read format, and includes 3D plots, node identification, nozzle load tables (if applicable) and includes the Caesar II software output indicating pipe displacements, loads and stresses, as well as restraint loads.

Pipe Design & Pipe Support Detailing

Complementing our pipe stress analysis, we offer pipe design and pipe support detailing.  We can generate design drawings for piping layouts and can provide detail drawings of the support fabrication.   We can provide simple orthographic drawings for support detailing using AutoCAD LT software and we can provide 3D pipe layout modeling using CADWorx software.

Santamaria Engineering Experience

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When is Pipe Stress Analysis required?

The link below lists conditions that require a pipe stress analysis or flexibility analysis.

When is Pipe Stress Analysis required?