Previous PSA & Piping Experience

The following is a list of the projects that Fernando Santamaria, P.Eng. participated in prior to working at Santamaria Engineering Inc. SEI.  For a list of the projects at SEI, please refer to Pipe Stress Analysis Experience (SEI)

Industrial Projects by Client


  • New Condensate Tank (2005) – Project Manager (PM) for detailed engineering (design/build) and Caesar II Stress Analysis per ASME B31.1 of new piping to new main mill condensate tank piping.
  • Air Emissions Project (2002) – Pipe stress analysis for the balance of plant hot lines (approx. 20 lines from new gallery to new tie-in points) per ASME B31.1, including recommendations to revise supports to suit the thermal expansion.
  • Load Shedding Project (2002) – Pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.1 of the new relief line that will act as an artificial load to compensate for equipment that is down to maintain the design steam pressure and avoid a steam turbine trip.
  • Clarifier Sludge Line Repair Options (2002) – PM for provision of options to rehabilitate/reline the existing deteriorated 10” sludge lines, including ± 10% cost estimates and provision of design package. Best option concluded was “Cured in Place Piping”.
  • 6″ Steam Line Expansion Review (2001) – Pipe stress Analysis per ASME B31.1 and PM for provision of recommendations and Construction drawings to solve the 6” steam line pipe expansion into the wall of the gallery connecting the Chemical Plant to the Digester.


  • Digester Capping Valve (2005) – PM and pipe design for a new digester capping valve.
  • Energy Conservation Tie-ins – (2004) – PM for construction drawings and TSSA (provincial) registration package for the new steam and condensate tie-ins throughout the mill.
  • New Relief Line for Digester Header (2004) – PM and pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.1 for the design of the relief valve and TSSA registration of the existing steam line feeding the digester header.
  • Modifications to Digester Relief Piping (2004) – Pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.3 for in-place replacement of relief line with stainless steel piping.
  • Blow Line Re-design, Marathon Pulp Inc. (2003) – Pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.3 for the re-design of the batch digester blow line, including modelling new guides with an elastomeric dampener to reduce the vibration and cold spring to reduce operating loads on the digester nozzles.
  • Turbine Study (2003): PM for pre-feasibility study to determine whether the batch digesters can be pre-heated with 50# steam (replacing 150# steam) to increase the amount of power generated by the turbines within an attractive payback period (3 years).
  • Piping for new Thermocompressor (2002) – Pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.1 for the 140#, 160# and 600# steam lines to thermocompressor, and design of the 160# Safety Valve relief line, including specification of all supports to suit the thermal expansion and sudden relief.

BOWATER – Thunder Bay, ON

  • Flash Steam Separator (2005) – PM and pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.1 for the flash steam system modifications, pipe support design.
  • Primary Knotters Rejects Dilution Line (2000): Hydraulic calculations for the Dilution Line and verification of control valve inlet and outlet pressures for the system modifications
  • ‘B’ Mill Top Circulation Modifications (2001) – PM and pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.3 for the provision of recommendations and construction drawings for the new ‘B’ Mill 14” Top Circulation Line Isolation Valves installation and for the relocation of the 3” dia. Pressurization lines for both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ mills. Prepared a TSSA Registration Package.
  • 5% Sulphuric Acid Line Modifications (2001) – Hydraulic calculations for the 5% sulphuric acid line modifications based on open channel water flow, and pipe sizing for drainage line from the new Turpentine Tank.


  • AMEC Calgary, AB – Shell Muskeg River – Closed Loop Recycle Cooling Water (2006) – Provided engineering assistance to purchase piping specialty items such as Alloy 20 piping and valves, injection quills, corrosion coupon rack, desiccant dryers, vacuum breakers and spring loaded ball valves.
  • AMEC Minneapolis, MN – Deodorizer Replacement (2005) – PM for Canadian services and pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.3 of 16 pipes to review supports and loadings on the equipment at the new installation for the Cargill facility in Fayettevile, North Carolina.
  • AMEC Thunder Bay, ON – Pipe Stress Analysis Mentor (2005) – Pipe stress analysis and pipe design mentor to an engineer in training for the HBL Tank Vent re-location and gorator pump projects for Weyerhaeuser and the Pic Heater Modifications at Neenah Paper.
  • Boise, International Falls, MN – DNCG Project (2004) – Pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.1 and B31.3 for piping and registration submissions.
  • Kimberley Clark, Terrace Bay, ON – ClO2 Mixer Relocation (2004) – Pipe stress analysis per ASME B31. for pipe modifications.
  • Tembec, Smooth Rock Falls, ON (2003) – Steam & Condensate Piping Modifications (2003) – PM for the steam and condensate energy conservation project at the Smooth Rock Falls Division producing 8 D size Dwgs., 20 isometrics and 26 tie-in points.
  • Abitibi, Fort Frances, ON – Ignitor Piping Review (2003) – PM to CAD new ignitor piping for boilers and calculated pressure drops to review piping sized by Babcock & Wilcox (Contractor).
  • Falconbridge, Timmins, ON – Zinc Plant Pre-heater Ductwork Modifications, Falconbridge, Timmins (2003) – PM & pipe stress analysis per ASME B31.3 for the modifications to the Zinc plant pre-heater intake and exhaust, including specification of a universal joint to reduce loading on the pre-heater exhaust nozzle.
  • MISA Chemical Dosing Modifications, Ontario Power Generation, Thunder Bay, ON 1999-2002: PM for design of the Municipal Industrial Stream Abatement (MISA) Dosing system modifications at the TBTGS, including specification of metering pumps, mixers and load cells.
  • MISA New Recirculation Line and Modifications, Ontario Power Generation, Thunder Bay, ON 1999-2001: PM for design of new recirculation line for Ash Transport Water Treatment Plant for the TBTGS to eliminate effluent flowing back to the river under non-compliant conditions. Prepared maintenance procedures and spare parts.
  • James River-Marathon Pulp and Paper Mill, Marathon, ON 1997: Design of new steam heated make-up air unit and review of exhaust system for the renovated welding shop.