Cliff Plant Steam Plant(Heating) – Ottawa, ON – PWGSC (Nov 2019 to Feb 2020)

Emergency design subsequent to the boiler plant explosion. The plant provided heating for 90+s government buildings, including the Parliament building. PWGSC contracted Genivar (Montreal) to provide their expertise/services and carry out this project on a “rush” basis necessitating the design to be carried out in parallel with the construction. Santamaria Engineering Inc. (SEI) was contracted by Genivar to certify the pipe design to ASME B31.3 by providing pipe stress analysis services and recommend supports/restraints. The plant was built and operational in three months, starting with the concrete slab pour on the existing parking lot adjacent to the Cliff Plant and followed by the installation of four rental gas-fired boilers. The PWGSC project manager was a unique individual who fostered team cooperation in a fast-moving and easily volatile environment to ensure the project was carried out safely, on time and as economically viable possible to suit the situation. The design of this plant was the most challenging (and rewarding) project carried out by SEI to date.

310,000 lbs/hr Steam (185 psig @ 382°F)

Cliff Plant
Ottawa, Ontario