Foot Hills Hospital – FMC McCaig Tower – HPS & LPS Steam & Condensate – Calgary, AB (2008)

The McCaig Tower was an addition to the Foothills hospital. SEI provided design routing guidance, pipe flexibility analysis and pipe support detailing for Trotter & Morton (contractor) who was tasked to take responsibility for the design. Verified ASME B31.1 design compliance. All anchors at the opposite ends of the long sections of piping equipped with expansion joints were designed to hold the axial thrust. All supports and restraints were designed, detailed and modeled. The new addition HPS and LPS lines were connected to the existing steam plant, requiring modeling existing lines.

HP Steam (135psig @ 420°F)
LP Steam (15 psig @ 300°F)
COND (135 psig @ 290°F)

Foot Hills Hospital
Calgary, Alberta